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hello and welcome to MODERN CONDITION, a place where i'm able to share my art, writing, and thoughts. i'm lee, a student and someone who wants to be well-read. i had another site a while back, and chances are you might've been directed here from there. you can find it if you'd like, but there's nothing on there. i grew out of it and i wanted to turn over a new leaf, so voila. i've been wanting to create a new site or do something with the old one, but i didn't know what i exactly wanted to do, and i've been pretty busy. until now.

i'll tell you what i want to tell you about myself. suffice to say, i'm a nervous young man and i like literature, art history, philosophy on occasion, drawing, reading, writing. i've dabbled in theatre. my favorite animal is the fox, and everything else is on a need to know basis. in this little introduction i seem very serious and uptight, but i swear i'm more silly than i seem :]